This section is all about the themes this movie hits on.

First and foremost, the biggest thing I learned from doing this TV spot had to do with assertiveness. Treat each other with kindness, of course. What to do when you’re cut down?

So, some related themes have to do with having difficult conversations (and dealing with challenging personality traits).

Since this whole argument with my family started over my nudist activism, I wanted to touch on those subjects too.

(To be honest there was tension brewing between me and my family for 15 years. But my public nudism is what really pushed them over the edge, and why they agreed to face me down on national television. That’s a whole other story though.)

If you’re dealing with any of this stuff or are just curious, I hope you get something out of what I have here. I know I’m continuing to learn about this. (I’m far from perfect at being more assertive.) So, it’s great to be able to learn along with you.

Feel free to comment. I do respond. I wanna learn from you, too. 😃

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