Thanks again for visiting my blog!

If you really wanted, you can learn about me here.

Also, if you’re so nosey (that’s a joke–I ❤️ curiosity), I also included backstory of how I came to be on “The George Allen Show.” Only if you’re curious, of course.

Speaking of backstory, there’s also a bit on my oh so wonderful family I fought with on national TV (!) (I do love ’em, c’mon). And I included a bit about my husband and friend who had my back (can’t tell you how grateful I am to have ’em both). You’ll find all of them under “Cast.”

Of course I included a bit on my “Crew.” Are you kidding? Without them, I couldn’t get this project to you. (Thank you guys. You’re the BEST!)

Oh, and I should mention. They have their own website all about the making of over here. If you’re into how to make movies, check it out! They’re giving away SECRETS there. You might kinda love it. Just sayin’. 😉

Thanks again for taking the time. Enjoy. And come back anytime. ☺️


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