Allow Myself to Introduce…Myself


Hi! I’m Amara!

I’m a dancer, bohemian, nudist. I was born on an island in the Pacific.

I didn’t become a nudist until later in life. Like maybe when I was 30. There was a stretch where the only time I’d be naked was in the shower–alone, door locked!

That all changed when I landed the lead role in Heph Eroso’s acclaimed show “The Minotaur” at his “infamous” ( 😀 ) bookstore-dinner-cafe “The Minoan Cafe.”

As you know, that show has nudity in it, and I was against that. The only reason I auditioned was because my passion and dream to dance outweighed my beliefs. Fortunately. (Plus time was running out–when the opportunity to audition opened up, I was a 30 year old accountant…ha!)

When I experienced the culture at “The Minoan Cafe,” I fell in love with its body positive message. Being nude in front of other people in a non-sexual way was liberating and changed my life. Body and mind are one (not enemies), I learned.

It was such a joyful mind shift, I wanted to share it with the world. I wanted to show the world that the body is not a sin. And there isn’t this distinct separation between body and mind.

The cultural belief prevailing in our modern world that the body is inert as well as separate and lower than the mind might be behind the reason why we exploit the earth rather than care for it. (In case you’re curious, I started a blog about my mind shift over here.)

So, I took my nudism public.

This invited some harsh critics, which is always disheartening. That criticism included my family who thought I was embarrassment to them.

That’s when I was invited on to “The George Allen Show.” For the producers it was for entertainment, for me I longed to reconcile with my family. We hadn’t spoken in 15 years for other reasons. I thought a moderator and a public forum might help.

This blog is all about the painful experience I had confronting my family on that show. Through the pain, I learned how to be assertive more effectively.

I also learned how to deal better with the strong emotions, anger, cutting, gaslighting, negative acknowledgment you get if you stand up for a principle that might go against the grain.

I’m thrilled to share this TV episode (deemed “too hot for TV” so it never aired) with you. And I’m excited to start this blog about it to share some of what I learned (and yes to promote the movie too 😋).

If you’ve ever been in this position before, I hope you get as much from my painful experience of standing up for principle and for being “bare” (or honest) as I have. I’m sure you have. I’m sure you’ve had “difficult conversations” or had fear standing up for yourself, but did it anyway.

I’m still learning to keep dancing my dance the best way I can regardless of the mud that’s slung.


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