Time to be your true self.


Hi! My name is Amara and I’m excited about this movie I’m coming out with.

It’s about my appearance on The George Allen Show when I confronted my family about my naturalism. It was painful. But I learned a lot. About myself. How to have difficult conversations. How to deal with difficult people.

As you can imagine, my appearance was deemed “too hot for TV.” I spoke with George Allen and his producers, and they’re allowing me to release my appearance as a feature length movie.

How do you make a feature length movie out of a 45 minute talk show appearance?

I’m so glad you asked. Hehe.

I scripted a couple of scenes based on my memory of what happened before and after the filming. These two green room scenes I think (hope) tell the story of how appearing on the show helped me grow.

ALSO! During one of the commercial breaks, oh boy. This huge fight broke out where my family and my friends argued about politics. So, I reimagined that fight as a grand “theater of the absurd.” That added to the length.

But it’s relevant to the personal lesson I learned: the key to being assertive isn’t trying to dominate. It’s listening. 

I’m also including the two dance scenes that was cut from TV for time (and was deemed too hot for TV too). Plus there’s an animation sequence too! Those will help turn my TV appearance into a feature length movie.

I’m super excited about this movie.

As we’re getting it together (holy crap it’s HARD), I’m gonna post about it to hopefully get you excited, too.

In the meantime, if you wanna learn a little bit more about me and this project, check out “About.”

But my personal favorite stuff is under “Themes” and “Future Movie Stuff.”

“Themes” has to do with the lessons I learned when I confronted my family. Things like difficult conversations, toxic personalities, assertiveness. And I also included a couple of other themes I hit on in the episode: naturalism and progressivism.

Movie stuff like behind-the-scenes, music, the trailer are all under “Future Movie Stuff.” It’s where can watch this flick when it finally comes out too. (Hope you like it 🤞 🙏 😋.)

Again, THANK YOU for stopping by! And I’d LOVE if followed me. I wanna keep in touch. Keep you up to date. And of course let you know when the big Kahuna comes out.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to hit the “Follow” button (hint hint, LOL). Or not. I’ll still love ya. xo


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